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Vancouver's Urban Voice


January 13, 2005

Observer received an e-mail this week from plucky Vancouver resident Ian MacKenzie, a reader whose love of the CBS 'reality' series Survivor truly knows no bounds - unlike the program's producers and network, who know many. Prospective Survivor contestants must be American citizens, a frustrating requirement for MacKenzie, who writes: "I've watched the show pretty much every season now, and every time I've wanted to be a contestant."

But rather than be an armchair bellyacher, MacKenzie has taken his plight to the most effective, democratic forum in the Western world: the internet. His new website, www.letmeonsurvivor.com, has, in its first few weeks, attracted over 2,500 unique visitors, more than 650 of whom have signed MacKenzie's petition. Impressed, both MTV Canada and a Winnipeg radio station have interviewed the hopeful would-be.

MacKenzie plans to present his petition to CBS, proposing also that Survivor producers should consider an Americans vs. Canadians series. Inspired by his spirit and determination, Observer is currently developing its own online appeal for executives at the ABC network, www.bringbackfullhouse.com