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Here is the petition which I wish to present to Mark Burnett and the CBS producers in charge of changing the rules to allow Canadians to apply for Survivor.

Petition Deadline:
Extended indefinitely until they let Canadians on!

Make no mistake though, I'm not asking for a priveleged placement on the show -- I'm simply proving that Canadian fans are just as knowledgeable about the game as their American counterparts, and deserve to have some representation on Survivor.


Due to a ridiculous amount of comment spam, the petition has now been closed. Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign during its time. If you need to contact me, please use my email.


If you sign the petition to let me be considered for Survivor, it would help pave the way for other Canadians to follow. I promise to give it my best shot out there, (and maybe even convince the Americans to sign the Kyoto agreement on my way back).


In the interests of a sporting challenge, I'd appreciate if you could sign the petition for me. What's the worst that could happen? At best, I'll get voted off for being "that Canadian guy", at worst, I'll end up winning and giving the next contestants motivation to dethrone me.

Other Countries:

When I take this petition to CBS, it would be awesome if I could say that "Look, even Hanz from Germany wants me to be on the show!" I say, the more the merrier!

So please sign the petition and forward this site on to your friends! Thanks!

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